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The SAMSI-FODAVA Workshop on Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Massive Data will be held on December 10-12, 2012.
Posted: October 02, 2012
The FODAVA Annual Meeting will immediately follow (Dec 12-13) the SAMSI/FODAVA joint workshop at the same location.
Posted: September 05, 2012
Many of the modern data sets such as text and image data can be represented in high-dimensional vector spaces and have benefited from computational methods that utilize advanced techniques from num
Posted: June 30, 2012

Short course - Visual Analytics and Architectures in Public Health

The emergence of new technologies and the rapid growth of data in recent years are transforming public health field. This short course focuses on three technological aspects of this revolution. The first is the emergence of a discipline called Visual Analytics that is concerned with the confluence of computational data analysis methods, interactive visualization, and cognitive processes to explore complex, interrelated data in order to extract knowledge, understanding, and insight from large, complex data sets. The second is Service-Oriented and Web Service Architectures that are concerned with the realization of integrated, networked data and computational services to analysts and practitioners in the public health field. The third topic of the course is concerned with principles and practices in creating effective software architectures in public health. The course is intended for managers and practitioners in the public health field with a general background in information technology and public health.

Visual Analytics

Instructor: John Stasko (Professor, Georgia Tech)
Tentative Topics:

  1. Introduction to Information Visualization and Visual Analytics
  2. Multivariate data & table/graph design
  3. Visual perception
  4. Cognitive issues in visualization
  5. Multivariate visual representations and parallel coordinates
  6. Commercial systems and toolkits
  7. nteraction
  8. Presenting overview and detail
  9. Graph and network data visualization
  10. Text and document visualization

Web Service Architectures in Healthcare

Instructor: Ling Liu, (Professor, Georgia Tech)
Tentative Topics:

  1. Introduction to Web Service Architectures
  2. Service Oriented Information Delivery: Platforms and Alternative Architectures
  3. Service Oriented Healthcare Delivery: Software as Services
  4. Healthcare Knowledge Representation and Dissemination
  5. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Healthcare – Part I
  6. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Healthcare – Part II
  7. Alternative Healthcare Delivery: Mobile and Wireless healthcare Services
  8. Privacy Issues and Protection Methods in Modern Healthcare Systems
  9. Security Issues and Defense Methods in healthcare
  10. Roles of Web Services in Future healthcare Systems

Software Architecture

Instructor: Spencer Rugaber (Senior Research Scientist, Georgia Tech)
Tentative Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Architectural Styles
  • Modeling: UML, Architecture Description Languages, Semantic Web
  • Architectural Views
  • The Role of Non-functional Requirements on Selecting an Architecture
  • Web-based application architectures / REST, AJAX, JSP, Java EE
  • Web protocols (HTTP, SOAP, XML, RDF, WSDL, LDAP, UDDI, WebDAV)
  • Architectural Connectors / Middleware
  • Component-Oriented Development
  • Evaluating and Revising Architectures